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Publications and Patents

Khan, S. Hwang J., Shao-Horn Y., and Varanasi, K.K., 2021. Catalyst-proximal Plastrons Enhance Activity and Selectivity of Carbon Dioxide Electroreduction. Cell Reports Physical Science


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Khan, S. and Varanasi, K.K., 2020. Designing Lubricant Impregnated Surfaces for Corrosion Protection. CORROSION  (accepted and highlighted as the First Place Winner in the Marcel Pourbaix Corrosion Science Poster Competition held at the NACE Corrosion Conference in Nashville, TN in 2019)


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Khan, S., Azimi, G., Paxson, A.T. and Varanasi, K.K., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019. Hydrophobic materials incorporating rare earth elements and methods of manufacture. U.S. Patent: US20190177233A1. Issued June 2019. [PDF]

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McBride, S.A., Dash, S., Khan, S. and Varanasi, K.K., 2019. Evaporative Crystallization of Spirals. Langmuir, 35(32), pp.10484-10490.


Feature on Langmuir (Front Cover)


Feature on MIT Homepage in July 2019

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Girard, H.L., Khan, S., and Varanasi, K.K., 2018. Multilevel robustness. Nature materials, 17(4), pp.298-300.


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Khan, S., Azimi, G., Yildiz, B. and Varanasi, K.K., 2015. Role of surface oxygen-to-metal ratio on the wettability of rare-earth oxides. Applied Physics Letters, 106(6), p.061601.


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Notzl H.*, Khan S.*, Verbaan N. Hydrometallurgical Plant Design Parameters for the Avalon Rare Earth Extraction Process, Proceedings of the Conference of Metallurgists, Montreal (2013) [PDF]

Azadi, P., Khan, S., Strobel, F., Azadi, F. and Farnood, R., 2012. Hydrogen production from cellulose, lignin, bark and model carbohydrates in supercritical water using nickel and ruthenium catalysts. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 117, pp.330-338.


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